“A happy workplace inspires people to do their best work, get along well together, and stay for the long-term. This makes companies that employ them exceptionally profitable and stable.

Happy Workplace Consulting Group works with you to increase happiness-based success in your organization at all levels, as a culture and a practice.”

– Doug Hickok, President
Happy Workplace Consulting Group


Every business owner knows that you have to meet your business objectives or you won’t stay in business very long. That’s obvious!

But it can be a hard climb to reach those objectives—hard on you and hard on your people.

Here is something you should know that will help: business objectives are met and exceeded more often in organizations that have happy workplaces.

Years of studies worldwide conclude that having a happy workplace drives exceptional levels of revenue and growth in every type and size of business.

The bottom line: companies that have high workplace happiness report twenty to forty-percent more revenues than companies that don’t.

That’s a lot more money in your pocket.

A happy workplace is also a hiring magnet. Your people are inspired to do their best work when they are happy; they stick with you, and you become an employer of choice.

Becoming an employer of choice means that applicants are eager to work for you, that word spreads about how good your workplace is, and that you receive unsolicited resumes. It also lowers the rate of job-hopping by your most talented workers. When they are happy in your workplace they tend to stay with your company throughout their careers.

No more revolving door and constant hiring. Your labor acquisition and retention costs go way down.

These new studies also show that happy workers:

  • Are more productive
  • Have fewer absences
  • Work better with each other
  • Are more solution-oriented
  • Make better decisions
  • Are better leaders
  • Are more motivated

At Happy Workplace Consulting Group, we’re all about how you can meet your business goals and also have a happy, productive workforce.

All of our services—executive coaching, culture change, branding, training and team building—are designed to work together to bring about:

  • Achievement and support of your business objectives
  • Creation of high levels of worker happiness, performance and retention
  • Inspired, effective leadership
  • Culture growth and change processes that support these outcomes over time

That’s a little about us—we welcome an opportunity to find out about you and your business—your accomplishments, plans and dreams for the future.

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